The New AI Job Market

“The World Economic Forum has estimated that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace some 85 million jobs by 2025,” according to an article by Ray Shroeder published by Inside Higher Ed.  While many industries fear that their jobs will be replaced by AI, there is also promise of more productivity and an economic boom. These technological advancements and projections within the workforce require new AI-specific jobs to help support this drastic shift. If you’re a high school or college student aiming to remain valuable in a rapidly changing professional world dominated by artificial intelligence, reach out to a PREMINENTE college counselor to explore these AI jobs of the future.

AI Ethicist

An AI Ethicist is responsible for guiding and executing the ethical development of new AI. They develop fair guidelines for the design, development, and use of AI systems. They may also advocate for policies and regulations to help protect and promote ethical use of AI. Additionally, this position evaluates risk and biases, as they collaborate with engineers, policymakers, and community members to address ethical concerns surrounding an AI product.

AI Data Privacy Manager

An AI Data Privacy Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the privacy aspects of data. They assist with implementing privacy policies, guidelines, and regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). They promote the integration of privacy considerations into the design and development of AI systems from the initial development. An AI Data Privacy Manager will assess risks and recommend measures for how to prevent them, specifically in terms of the response plans for addressing data breaches or privacy incidents.

AI Trainer

An AI Trainer is responsible for designing and creating the datasets used to train AI models. Additionally, they develop curriculum to educate people on AI capabilities and new technologies. AI Trainers will collect data and annotate it to create context and meaning, helping the AI detect patterns and make predictions.

AI Cybersecurity Analyst

An AI Cybersecurity Analyst plays an important role in protecting AI from cyberattacks. They use AI tools to detect and analyze threats by monitoring network traffic and looking for patterns to determine security breaches or insider threats. This position is responsible for watching and analyzing interactions with IT systems to determine any unusual behaviors, protecting digital assets and monitoring for irregularities. 

AI Augmentation Specialist

An Augmentation Specialist helps people work with AI more efficiently, make smarter decisions, and solve problems by using AI technology in different areas. They look for opportunities for AI to streamline and automate repetitive tasks. They evaluate and select tools that work best for certain parts of various organizations. They also educate and train people on AI’s capabilities. Augmentation Specialists facilitate collaboration and develop long-term strategies and roadmaps for AI augmentation initiatives.

AI Customer Experience Specialist

An AI Customer Experience Specialist is responsible for using AI to enhance the overall customer experience. They look for opportunities to integrate AI technologies such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and personalized recommendation systems to improve efficiency and responsiveness of an organization. AI Customer Experience Specialists are constantly tracking and analyzing data to ensure customer satisfaction of an ever-evolving system. 

AI Linguist/NLP Specialist

An AI Linguist/NLP (Natural Language Processing) Specialist is a necessary position in today’s world. They focus on developing NLP algorithms and models to enable computers to understand humans better. They work with AI systems to comprehend the nuances of human language, including slang and cultural references. Additionally, they develop NLP that can process and understand multiple languages, allowing multilingual services.

AI Creativity Consultant

AI Creativity Consultants develop AI tools to help creatives generate ideas and explore new concepts across different mediums such as art, music, literature, and design. AI Creativity Consultants must be able to make AI algorithms capable of generating creative outputs, relying on the abilities of humans and machines in the creative process. This job plays an important role in AI, as this position inspires and facilitates creativity in the digital world. 

Are you ready for the digital age of the job market?

Growing up, you may not have always dreamed to be an AI specialist, but in 2024, this may be your new reality. Colleges across the country are preparing for this monumental shift in the workforce. New majors and courses are being implemented into curriculums. New policies and regulations are being put into place daily to regulate AI usage in universities. According to Shroeder’s article, “Well-prepared institutions will have considered the challenges and opportunities by the end of this academic year… A host of counseling services and opportunities for upskilling, reskilling and career-change support will be offered to faculty and staff.” 

Ready or not, AI is becoming a strong factor in the job market. Contact a PREMINETE college counselor for guidance as you embark on your transition to the digital world of professional work.

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