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For the academic school year 2013/2014, there were 819,644 international students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. In fact, there are now over 40 percent more international students currently studying in the United States than a decade ago (usnews.com, “U.S. Sees Record Number of International College Students”).

While the undergraduate application process takes approximately 18 months for an international student applying to school in America, to achieve maximal results, the planning process should optimally begin by the equivalent of a student’s sophomore year of high school.

Top schools in the United States are looking for candidates who exhibit a diversity of experiences and distinctions more than just outstanding grades. According to a 2001 New York Magazine article, “The Ultimate Admissions,” each year 80% of applicants are academically qualified; therefore, the most selective schools are looking for students that embody qualities that can transcend traditional academics.

The New York Magazine article also notes that Harvard’s director of admissions, Marlyn McGrath Lewis, states, “In order to make a final decision to admit, we have to identify for ourselves some unusual characteristic that will set the candidate apart in our pool — either a very unusual academic accomplishment, a contribution to the humanities or writing, a great performer or composer, or someone who can help one of our 41 intercollegiate teams. Once we’re as sure as we can be of the academics — which highly developed, one might say overdeveloped, talents set the person apart as someone we’d want to bring here?”

For these reasons, hiring the most skilled college consultant is crucial. While for many school abroad the focus is strictly on grades and test scores, schools in the United States are asking: Who is this person? What value will they add to our school? What significance will they contribute to the world?

Beginning the college process ideally in the student’s sophomore year of high school (last 3 years of secondary school internationally) Preminente will proactively aid a student in choosing the best academic courses, extracurricular activities, summer jobs, and summer programming. As a result, by the time a student is ready to write a personal essay for college, the student presents as a fully integrated applicant with unique qualities that exemplify who he or she is as an individual.

Preminente is devoted to providing individualized counseling services that will help give international students an edge in gaining admission to the most selective schools. Through consistent motivation and support, we help students navigate the complex and competitive college application process.

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