Get into the Game: Collegiate Athletics in the Time of NIL, Social Media & Conference Realignment 

Ky Adderley is a global education, sports, leadership and NIL expert, as well as a key strategic partner of PREMINENTE. With 25+ years of experience, Ky is a Vice President at Maven Sports Group, where he represents high school, amateur and professional athletes across all sports. He focuses on business and player development and recruitment.

In today’s On Point with PREMINENTE interview, Get into the Game: Collegiate Athletics in the Time of NIL, Social Media & Conference Realignment, we talked with Ky about the state of collegiate athletics and recruiting today, in a world fueled by social media and branding. 

Get into the Game: Collegiate Athletics in the Time of NIL, Social Media & Conference Realignment 

The last couple of years have been game-changing in college sports. How has the landscape shifted now that players are allowed to sell the rights to their name, image and likeness?

The recent allowance for athletes to sell the rights to their name, image, and likeness (NIL) has significantly changed college sports. It has provided student-athletes with unprecedented opportunities to monetize their talents and gain financial benefits from sponsorship deals, endorsements, and other business ventures. This development has given student-athletes and their families more control over their personal brands and allowed them to capitalize on their popularity while still in high school and college. 

How is social media playing into recruiting?

Social media has become a crucial tool in the recruiting process. College coaches and recruiters now heavily rely on social media platforms to scout potential student-athletes, evaluate their skills, and gauge their character. Social media also provides these student-athletes with a platform to showcase their abilities, engage with fans, and increase their visibility to college and professional programs. However, this visibility works both ways. Student-athletes must also be cautious and mindful of what they post, as it can impact their reputation and recruiting prospects.

With the realignment of conferences and players now being faced with far more travel for games, what should athletes be considering when deciding where they want to go to school?

While the realignment of conferences and the potential for increased travel certainly will play a role as student-athletes decide which school to attend, the key considerations remain substantially the same: 

  • The academic reputation of the university
  • The coaching staff and their track record of development and support 
  • The team’s playing style and success 
  • The geographical location 
  • The potential for exposure and future opportunities to benefit and build their brands
  • The fit with the overall campus culture and the support system available to student-athletes

As an expert in education, sports excellence and leadership, how do you and Maven Sports Group prepare the athletes you work with to be successful not only in the recruiting process but also once they’re on campus?

I focus on preparing student-athletes for success in the recruiting process and in LIFE. Through Maven Sports Group’s deep knowledge, connections and athletic resources, we assist student-athletes with showcasing and improving their skills and mindsets while highlighting their unique qualities to college and professional coaches. 

In partnership with PREMINENTE, we provide guidance on academic fit, student-athlete support services, and navigation of the challenges and opportunities within college and professional landscapes, including NIL. Our team is resourced with coaches, athletes and mentors who have competed at the highest levels across all sports. We know what it takes to be the best and are ready to share these resources to help student-athletes reach their full potential while building a brand utilizing NIL. 

Our mentorship assists student-athletes on the fields but, equally as important, we maintain a strong focus on the development of essential life skills, such as time management, communication, and leadership – all of which are lessons and skills that will stick with the student-athletes for life!! 

If you could only provide one piece of advice to a high school athlete who wants to play in college, what would it be?

My most important piece of advice would be to prioritize both their academic and athletic goals. Find a coach early and put a plan together that incorporates all of the necessary skills, training and requirements to excel while simultaneously building and promoting their brand. In addition, it is understood that while standing out in one’s sport is important, maintaining good grades and meeting academic requirements is equally crucial. College coaches and programs value student-athletes who demonstrate discipline, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to their education. Balancing academics and athletics will not only maximize scholarship opportunities but also set athletes up for success in their future careers beyond sports. 

I look forward to working with our future champions! 

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